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Newsworthy Research

We communicate your research beyond the academic settings. Solutions journalism is our tool. So we use the skill to break down your research into something accessible and actionable. You can use the final products for public dissemination, presenting to government officials or funding organisations.

  1. Commissioned stories: After your study has been published in a journal, our job is to find a perfect, most accurate news angle for it. Commission us to help you tell a story about your study.

  2. Bilingual translation: A quarter of the world speaks English, but almost all research is published in English. Whereas in Tanzania, the main language is Kiswahili. We can translate your research into Kiswahili.

  3. Media engagement: If you want to work with the media (locally and internationally), we leverage our huge network to do it for you. Structure a press release with us and connect with journalists for bigger impact.

Report Writing

As a scientist/researcher or organisation, you need compelling reports about your study that are accessible and actionable, and which you can present to government officials or potential funders. ResearchCOM is here to work with you to develop:

  1. Policy Briefs: Use this to communicate real-life policy scenarios and recommendations to your target audience in a clear and concise language, with visual elements for greater impact.

  2. One pager: Engage poor audiences that are only interested to get the gist of the research at a glance, through a one-pager with an appealing format.

  3. Conference Reports: You can appoint our team to become your rapporteurs for a science, health conference or workshop you have organised. This is accompanied by writing a final report of the proceedings.

Digital Marketing

We help you build, connect and engage with your audience. We create a unique identity for you, your project or your organisation on digital platforms and give you the best chance of succeeding. We develop a brand that truly reflects your mission and goals. This includes:

  1. Social media management: We create an online presence for you or enhance it. Get bite-size message formats of your research or project report with pictures and graphic designs that are impactful.

  2. Video or animation: You can tell a story of your research in a video format online. Remember, people connect better with people and their stories. We can create for you a short video or animation to get your message across to the audience of your choice.

  3. Email marketing and content marketing: This helps you to excel further. We are waiting for your call.

Who is Talking About Us?

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    We are a niche Media Company dedicated to communicating science, research and medicine by making it newsworthy and engaging. We use digital communication strategies and solutions journalism. Through story-telling, report writing, audio-visuals and mainstream media strategies, we help science researchers, health NGOs and academic institutions communicate better and strategically.


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