Integrated Waste Management Forum (IWMF) 2021

Integrated Waste Management Forum (IWMF) 2021

Dodoma International Convention Center
12 Oct 2021

“Promoting Zero Waste Solutions for Green Economic Recovery”


ORGANIZER & SPONSOR Tindwa Medical & Health Services (TMHS)



Waste Management and Green jobs creation
DATE 12-13 October 2021


Managing waste properly is essential for building sustainable and livable cities, but it remains a challenge for many developing countries and cities due to large budgets of 20%-50% at the municipal level which call for integrated systems that are efficient, sustainable, and socially supported. Integrated Solid Waste Management systems focus on the proper treatment of special wastes (electronics, agricultural biomass, plastics) by involving all stakeholders.

Moreover, adoption of zero waste – a comprehensive approach to integrated waste management that prioritizes waste prevention, re-use, composting, and recycling proved to minimize environmental impacts and contribute to a just society with the potential to create green jobs in an average of ten times more jobs than landfills and incinerators (per ton of material handled); mostly to low-skilled and mid-level workers including youth and women.

Tindwa Medical & Health Services (TMHS) is a sole proprietorship based in Dar es salaam-Tanzania focusing on emergence health services covering the ground and air rescue, medical supplies, occupational health and safety services, and training. Since 2015 TMHS established the department of Waste and environmental services to support government and other stakeholders safeguarding our environment through the provision of hazardous waste management services covering onsite collection, transportation, and destruction, conducting environmental impact assessment, and consultancy services.

Tindwa Medical & Health Services (TMHS) organized the 1st ever “Integrated Waste Management Forum (IWMF) 2021 on 12th October 2021 (9.00 am-5.00 pm) at Dodoma Convention Center in Dodoma as an outcome of the 1st “Integrated Waste Management Symposium (IWM-S)” held on Wednesday, 26th August 2020 at Hyatt Regency Hotel, Dar es salaam.

The 1st “Integrated Waste Management Forum” (IWMF) 2021 has been designed to take place as a side event of the prestigious Annual Tanzania Health Summit (THS). IWMF 2021 is expected to engage at least 50 participants from government authorities, regulatory bodies, financers, private sectors, academia, Green entrepreneurs and upcoming innovators, waste workers i.e. waste pickers and contractors. Also, the IWMF will go live on a webinar with an expectation to bring together 50+ invitees and thousands of online participants from different sectors in Tanzania.


Topic Key stakeholders
1. Integrated hazardous and non-hazardous Waste Management in Tanzania: Opportunities and Challenges, VPO, NEMC, Director of Health, Academia, TMDA, Waste collection Contractors, Waste pickers representatives
2. Strategic partnership for effective management of hazardous and non-hazardous waste Academia, regulatory authorities, financers, consultancy, industries, waste collectors, and landfills managers
3. Investing on green innovations and promotion of green/decent jobs for youth and women Research/Academia and Investors/ financers/Private sector representative

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