The Medical Association of Tanzania (MAT) in collaboration with MedicoPRESS, a medical journalism agency of ResearchCOM, and MODISH, a creative agency have worked on a project that aims to enrich Kiswahili-speaking communities with credible and real time information on coronavirus disease (COVID-19).

The Tanzania Communications Regulatory Authority (TCRA) granted a content provider’s license to MAT on May 19, setting off a series of public education articles via the web portal: whose establishment and design was supported by Stanbic Tanzania.

Through the initiative, MAT provided health education to the general public in simple language by leveraging a network of health professionals across Tanzania and the editorial experience of medical writers/ editors from MedicoPRESS as well as the creativity of IT experts from MODISH.

“This [helped] in dealing with the misinformation that has been making rounds on social media about the coronavirus and COVID-19,’’ says the President of MAT Dr Elisha Osati who is the patron of the project.

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